New Paint!

Took about a week, but I got my Accord back painted from H&B Auto Body here in Las Cruces, NM and I must say they know what they are doing. The clear-coat is smooth and glossy with an obvious careful attention to masking from overspray. This is an independently owned shop that’s been open since the 60s. No computer. No credit card machine. Just a couple of guys who take cash and do a good job on painting/repairing cars. Big thanks to them for making my Accord presentable again!

I had to have the hood, driver’s side fender and driver’s door repainted. The other panels still had the original paint and they were in good condition still. If they start to do anything weird (i.e., fading, clear-coat peeling) I’ll know where to take it. Right after getting it back, I removed the window tint which came with it when I bought it. It didn’t look bad in the pictures but in real life, one could see it was discolored and blurry. Made the whole car look dated. The driver’s and passenger side windows also had lots of vertical scratches on the inside from the windows being lowered. I plan to get them tinted again soon with a higher quality tint that won’t fade or peel. I prefer the look of it and it’s also kind of a necessity here in the Las Cruces summer.


Here’s the before shot which includes the oxidized headlights:



And the after shots:



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