Shift knob rejuvenation

Completed a mini project this week. I decided to take the stock shift knob and spruce it up a bit.

I often wonder how the previous owner shifted gears…bang on the shift-knob while wearing a spiked ring? There were several nicks on the top with the shift pattern. It looked dingy and really didn’t help the overall look of the interior. Even the factory finish from new was dull and unexciting.

Here’s how it looked before:



I started off by (of course) taking the shift knob off and then masking off the leather portion to prevent abrasion from sanding.


Then I started by sanding with 400 grit paper. This took off the factory clearcoat and got those nicks smoothed out. This was basically me taking a thin layer of aluminum off. Here’s how it looked half sanded.


After about 30mins of sanding away:


I followed by sanding with 1000 grit paper to further smooth out the surface for polish prep. I then polished with Meguiar’s Rubbing Compound, and then did a final polish with Meg’s 205 Finishing Compound. All of this was done by hand since the knob is too small for my rotary buffer, and I can have more precision.


The bottom portion was polishing up nicely:


The final step in my little project was applying some Meg’s leather conditioner cream to the leather section. Here’s the final product:



Overall I’m very happy with the results. I plan to look into a topcoat of some sort to help protect the new finish. Either a clearcoat or Opti-Coat. Next mini project? Taillights. More on that this next week.


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