iPod/iPhone Integration

Well, let’s reveal the latest mod: I finished my iPod/iPhone integration this past weekend! Took me about 4hours in total (not consecutive) but I took my time and planned as carefully as I could. Overall, I’m very happy with the outcome. I’ve researched on several online forums, and I ended up combining a few DIYs and added a few twists here and there to make this my own.

I’m a sucker for music and I always have to have it with me on trips. For sound preference, I enjoy a good balance of crisp, clear high and mid tones in addition to a nice deep bass response. The stock 6-CD “Premium Sound System” that Honda fitted to the Accord is pretty decent, and I find it more than satisfying for my taste in music. However, long trips with just 6 CDs can grow tiring as everything starts to become repetitive. I have integrated XM Satellite Radio in the stock system, but I find the sound quality lacking and I’d rather spend the required subscription of $15 a month on something else. So, what’s left? Digital input from my iPhone. It offers near CD quality sound, and I have full function of the controls on the steering wheel. So let’s get stated:

Here’s what I used:

-USAspec PA15-HON2 iPod integration unit for Honda/Acura vehicles

-iSimple AUX mountable cable

-Some spade bits

-A 3/8 rubber grommet from Home Depot

-An Apple Lightening adaptor (so this can fit the newer redesigned port)


I decided to mount my AUX port and iPod connector in the center cubby under the stereo.


Taking everything apart was pretty easy.


I had to be cautious when taking the cubby out since it has a few fragile plastic pieces that like to break.


The rat’s nest I get to deal with…


Here, I drilled the hole for the iPod cable to come through the back wall of the cubby. I used a 3/8 spade bit on my drill. The plastic was VERY soft and drilling took no time at all.


I fed the cable through and then wrestled with the rubber grommet to get it to fit over the hole.


Here’s the back of the cubby with the AUX cable installed above the iPod cable.


When I finished with the cables, I used some basic car polish to bring the shine back to the faux carbon fiber finish.


Here’s the USAspec integration unit installed and cables hooked up. The data cable flawlessly hooked up to the factory stereo as well as the AUX and iPod cable.


By now it was getting dark, but I soldiered on and put everything back.


And here is the finished product. The cable can be freely pulled out for use and then pushed back in as needed. I probably won’t use the AUX port much, if at all, but I like the option. Overall I’m happy with the outcome. I wanted it to look like a factory setup.



And the best part? This unit allows for text display on the factory stereo, and I can control everything from the steering wheel buttons.


Hope this mod gives some inspiration for other folks looking to install iPod/iPhone integration. Cheers!

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