I thought it might be time to post an update on how things are rolling with the Accord. Tonight, she rolled over to 117,000. At the rate I’ve been accumulating miles, I should be at 120,000 by the beginning of June…if not sooner! It’s amazing to think that in late February of this year, I was at 111,111 miles.


Things have been running great. No vibrations, groans or other weird noises. The only thing is an occasional rattle from the dashboard where it meets with the windshield. This is most noticeable when I hit small bumps or drive on particularly coarse roads. Even though it was minor, it still bugged the hell out of me. Here’s what I did:

I took a trip down to Home Depot to buy some automotive weather stripping so I can try to quiet it down. I simply shoved it between the dash and the windshield so there is enough tension to keep the dash from vibrating and rubbing where it shouldn’t. It has been installed for about two weeks now, and as far as I could tell, the rattling is fixed! This must be a common Honda issue since my RSX had the exact same annoyance. Same modification fixed it too.

The weather stripping came with an adhesive backing, but I didn’t bother to remove tape. I just installed it as it came out of the packing.



After it was installed, it was hardly noticeable.


Now I can drive over rough roads in silence.

HFP (Honda Factory Performance) Status Update:

My HFP upgrade project has been quite frustrating of late. I’ve tried on several occasions to order a rear OEM HFP underbody spoiler, but every vendor I’ve dealt with would send an email after the order was complete, stating the part was discontinued by Honda. I even checked the Honda dealer network and nothing could be found. Not even a part in a different color. I’m currently searching the online community for a used one. If I have to paint it, oh well. As for the side skirts, I have a plan rigged up that (if it works) should complete the look very nicely yet still be OEM. However, I haven’t acquired the necessary parts yet.

There is some good news of late, though. I was able to score a brand new HFP suspension kit! The search for this was frustrating as well since it too is discontinued by Honda. After talking to a few folks, I was able to find out that in the entire U.S. Honda dealer network, there was only one who had it. I snatched it as soon as I could. Apparently, this had been on the shelf for 8 years according to the parts manager! What a lucky find. It arrived last week on my doorstep, and it was a HEAVY box! I haven’t installed it yet, but plan to soon. The HFP suspension promises to lower the Accord by 1 inch, decrease body roll and sharpen steering responses while maintaining a factory-like ride. Since my factory struts are fairly worn, I’m excited to feel the difference.


I will post more updates as I have them…Hope the week is treating you well!

3 thoughts on “Updates…

  1. Congrats on 117k! I noticed that your trip meter reads 527 miles — is that how far you’re able to go on a tank?! Wow. Nice job on getting that sound deadening fix in place. Can’t wait to see your new suspension setup pics.

    • Thanks, Tyson. 117k is a small amount of mileage but I’m getting up there little by little. AND, enjoying it. No, unfortunately, that trip ODO is off since the last time I filled up I was lazy (and late for work) and didn’t bother to reset it. A full tank gets me about 425-450 miles before the light comes on. Not bad. But not great. I wish the tank was a little bigger. As soon as the suspension fully settles, I’ll be posting pix shortly.

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