Arizona Part III

For the final part of my weekend report, we will start heading back to New Mexico and back to my home in Las Cruces. The trip was great and I hope to do something like it again soon. After Tyson and Chris went back to Pheonix, I decided to explore Flagstaff a bit before getting on I-40 east towards Gallup, NM where I’d spend the night at my Grandpa’s house.

I lived in Flagstaff for about a year before moving to Las Cruces. There, I was going to attend Northern Arizona University (NAU), but after some reserach in the cost of tuition and the general living in Flagstaff, I realized my quality of life wouldn’t be that great. However, I forever will have a soft spot for Flagstaff. Driving through the city reminded me of the old days, and it was a good feeling.


First order of business, I wanted to see my old apartment complex, Oakwood Village Apartments off Lake Mary Dr.


Not much had changed since I’d been there except for a coat of paint on the buildings where I used to live.


The paint sure makes a difference. This is what it used to look like:


And here’s where I used to live. I blurred out the number in respect of the current tenant.


The view out from my hallway was nothing but pine trees. It was really beautiful in the winter and the smell was like no other.


Before it got too dark, I drove through NAU seeing what would have been if I’d gone there to school. (I have no regrets though coming to Las Cruces for school)

If I majored in Graphic Design here, this is where I’d be hanging out most of the time:


I snapped a shot of this new Health and Social Sciences building just because of the crazy modern architecture.


If I’d wanted to stay on campus, these probably would be the dorms I’d be living in.


As you probably could tell by now, I’m not familiar with the names of the buildings, just their purpose. This is…an administrative building…

Looks more like it belongs in the east, doesn’t it?


After my little tour through NAU, it turned dark and I hit the Interstate towards my grandpa’s house which turned out to be a good 3hrs and bit over 200 miles.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 9.13.02 PM

I got in a little after 11:00PM, weary and ready for bed. Maggie, my grandpa’s cat, was happy I arrived. My Grandpa was out of town at this point and I had the house to myself. (Thanks, Grandpa!)

IMG_3803 (1)

The next morning, I slept in and then headed north 40 miles to Crownpoint, NM to see my dad, his girlfriend Nena, and her daughter Caitlyn for lunch. After that nice visit, I then was ready to complete the final leg of my trip to Las Cruces. The route from here goes south on Highway 371, then east on I-40 to get I-25 south to Las Cruces.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 9.20.11 PM

I saw this charred Chevy Silverado outside a Napa Auto Parts store in Thoreau, NM. (20 miles from where my Dad lives) Shocking to see up close and it reminds you how serious driving is! I hope the driver and passengers of this wreck survived.




Chilling, isn’t it? Last stop before heading straight home was at the Rio Puerco Bridge off the historic Route 66. This truss bridge was suggested to me by Tyson to check out. I’ve driven by several times, but never examined it closely until now. This is about 20 miles west of Albuquerque and was built in 1933.



Still has the graffiti when Tyson stopped by here a while back.



And finally…some mileage reports: Before my trip started, my Accord rolled over to 120,000 (May 13th)


In the middle of the trip, I caught this cool readout:


At the end of the trip (May 19th) the mileage read 121,578. I was worn out by the time I arrived home, but that didn’t stop me from driving across town to get my favorite Mexican takeout, Si Señor!


Hope the week is going well! See you next time…

2 thoughts on “Arizona Part III

  1. Sure glad you got to spend some time with Maggie! And I’m surprised that the graffiti on the Rio Puerco sign still hasn’t been cleaned off. That site looks exactly as it did when I rolled through there. Can’t wait to see your next round of pictures with the new shoes on the Accord.

  2. Yeah, we tend to have different priorities here in New Mexico. There’s still bullet holes in the “Entering Las Cruces” sign!

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