HFP Wheels!

Updates on my HFP upgrade project:

I mentioned in an earlier post of a box filled with a new HFP suspension kit I had intended to install on the Accord. What happened afterwards was bitter-sweet. The bitter: I had the kit installed by my local dealer, and I noticed that it didn’t lower the Accord or enhance the handling as promised. I double-checked the part numbers and they ended up being non-HFP stock parts. The sweet: The dealer in New York I ordered it from refunded the whole amount as well as partial labor. So, I managed to get free stock struts/springs installed. I think I’ll swing with these for a while. It was disappointing and it’s puzzling how stock parts found their way into an HFP box. I guess that’s a lesson to ALWAYS check the part numbers before installing. Even if the package tells you otherwise.

However, the project hasn’t come to a screeching halt. I managed to find a really good deal on some new HFP (Honda Factory Performance) wheels shipped to my door. I’m far from completing my HFP project, but little by little I hope to get there.

It was like Christmas the day they arrived. The wheels were very carefully packed and even came with replacement door sill tags!



They were finished with a gunmetal metallic and clear coat. I think they offset the silver on the Accord quite nicely.


Here’s a few pictures of them installed with a fresh wash.



The size, offset and width are the same as the RSX wheels I had on before. With new wheels, I decided to go ahead and get some new tires to go with the package. I got a set of Pirelli Cinturato P7 Grand Touring tires. Since nearly 95% of my driving consists of highway and city, I didn’t want to bother with any high performance brands.




So, what happened to my RSX rims? Well, even though I really loved the design and the tires were still good, I needed to pay myself back for the HFP wheels and I don’t have the room to store them. So, up on Craigslist they went…


IMG_4093 - Version 2 (1)

I got a buyer shortly after posting in El Paso, TX (about 50 miles from Las Cruces). It was sad to see them go. We were to meet on the outskirts of El Paso for the transaction. Amazingly, I managed to get them to all squeeze into my trunk!


The buyer, Vic, was a proud owner of an immaculate ’98 Honda Odyssey that just turned over 100,000 miles. I never would have thought of these on an Odyssey, but they fit and looked great! Hope you enjoy them, Vic.


For this coming week, I will be prepping the Accord for a major tour of the west. Stay tuned for more…

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