130,000 miles and HFP updates…

This weekend I’m gearing up for another trip in the Accord. This time, Jouhl and I are to head north to Denver, CO where we’ll meet up with Tyson from drivetofive. What’s our goal? Think highest paved road in America! More details on that later.

Until then, here’s some news:

The Accord has had quite a run this year. The miles have been racking up faster than I expected. When I started photographing the milestones (or at least amusing readings) it was December, 2012 when I posted with just 105,555. In early February, I achieved 110,000:


Early May, I hit 120,000.


And finally, I’ve achieved 130,000 miles as of July 16th.


As for my HFP project, it’s coming along slowly and I may eventually end up abandoning it since I can’t find an HFP suspension kit. The stock suspension I have now has proven to be sufficient and comfortable which is a big factor for me now since this is my daily driver/traveler. Even though I visually dislike the tall stance this suspension yields, I do get to go to places like this:


This is the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park outside of Las Cruces, NM. This is a secluded desert nature park with various trails and picnic areas. But I enjoy the roads more…


And the stock suspension does allow me to let loose to 65mph on Jornada Drive which I call the “dirt autobahn.”


I recently obtained some OEM HFP side skirts which were in rough shape. But the price was good and I decided to try them out and patch up the damaged areas.



HOWEVER, when I did a test fitment I didn’t like the way they looked at all. Even if I imagined them panted the Satin Silver Metallic and the imperfections fixed, they were just too clunky in my opinion. So, I will be probably selling these and opting for the more simple, updated 06-07 Accord coupe skirts pictured here:


This particular Accord photo I found had some 05 Acura TL wheels which looked quite nice. As of now, I’m currently on the search for some 06-07 Accord coupe skirts. It’s not all bad though, I did find an HFP rear underbody spoiler! This is something that has been extremely difficult to find, but I caught it for sale by a member of DriveAccord.net.


It came painted in Nighthawk Black Pearl and will need to be sprayed to match my silver, but that is a small price to pay for finally getting this part. (which Honda no longer makes)

2 thoughts on “130,000 miles and HFP updates…

  1. Jason, just saw this post – I’ve been slacking on keeping up with you. That’s awesome you’ve captured your mileage shots every 10,000! And I think that 65 mph dirt autobahn sounds like a lot of fun.

    • Tyson, probably you’ve been slacking off because I’m so sporadic with my posts! Thanks and I plan to capture every 10K along the way. Looking forward to the post when I can post my 111,111; 222,222; 333,333; and 444,444 mileage readings!

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