Roswell, NM

For the final leg of my trip, let’s explore Roswell, NM!

As I drove through Roswell NM, much of it looked very much like any other midsized town. I captured a shot of Roswell Honda as I felt it actually looked larger than the one in ‘Cruces.


Rainfall around here is sparse, but there seems to be enough moisture to keep the neighborhoods alive with towering mature sycamore and elm trees.


Then as I headed towards Main St., the alien/UFO stuff appears. Example: This McDonnalds has a east wing which is built in a shape of a flying saucer.




At night, this is what it would look like…


Further north on Main St. is a Super 8 Hotel which isn’t shy to give their own take of what should draw tourists in. Meet the Stealth Saucer.


It may take up two parking spaces, but at least it fits the length of a car stall.


The sign welcoming “guests” in…


Here’s some more examples of the UFO craze.


Since Roswell is more east in New Mexico, there’s a lot more traditional architecture as opposed to the southwestern adobe style where I’m from.


And here’s Main St. Not a lot of traffic at this hour, but there were enough shops and touristy stops to keep anyone happy for a full day!



I was tempted to enter the UFO museum, but I didn’t have the cash for the entrance fee. Also, I was running out of daylight.





Looked like a perfect backdrop for a pic!


With my recently purchased DSLR camera, this is my attempt at adjusting the aperture and depth of field.


One neat detail on Main St. is all the street lights are illuminated in green to complement the black eyes.


This guy seemed excited to be featured here.


Before heading back to Las Cruces, I filled up the tank with some 90 octane from Shell outside of Roswell.


I’ve been very pleased with the economy the Accord has been achieving. I got a solid 31mpg driving up to Roswell. She’s still going strong!


And that concludes my trip through Roswell. Not as much to relate as I’d hoped, but overall it was a memorable experience

2 thoughts on “Roswell, NM

  1. Awesome skills with that new DSLR camera! Very nice. I loved the shot of the UFO taking up two parking spaces. And I think it’s pretty cool that even Mickey-D’s is getting in on the alien action.

    • Thanks, Tyson. Lots to learn still. Yeah, the UFO hogging up the parking spaces was really cool to look at. Would be even cooler if I could craw inside!

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