One Year Anniversary

Well readers, I’ve been procrastinating lately and not sharing some of the significant milestones the Accord has reached. Laziness? You bet! However, better late than never. Here’s one significant milestone: this past August 20th marked my One Year Anniversary of owning the Accord. The total milage when I first got it was 101,380. At the one year mark, the mileage was at 135,978.


That’s 34,598 miles I’ve driven in one year and those miles have been very enjoyable. I’ve seen some great parts of the county! Since day one, I’ve kept every receipt for every penny spent on this car. That’s maintenance, modifying costs, and repair.


Here’s a brief overview of how this past year has treated the Accord:

  • Total cost of maintenance, repair and modifications: $4,430 (includes new paint)
  • 10 states visited including every state touching the pacific coast
  • 7 Oil changes with roughly 5K mile intervals
  • 1 recall
  • Total breakdowns: 0
  • Total unexpected trips to the dealer: 2
  • Longest distance traveled in one day: 689 miles from Moab, UT to Ontario, OR.
  • Longest trip: 4,800 miles round trip meandering from New Mexico to Washington and then back again.

My future plans for it:

  • Updated 06-07 Accord coupe rocker panels
  • Paint and install my HFP rear lip
  • OEM interior trip kit
  • Relocate my iPod/iPhone connector cable
  • HID headlight retrofit from an Acura TSX
  • OEM Fog lights
  • Rear OEM lip spoiler









It’s been to the highest paved road in North America, Mt. Evans, CO (Photo taken by my friend Tyson)


It’s also been to one of the lowest points in America — Sunset beach in Oregon where the tires became submerged in the ocean weaves! Major cities it’s been to are Las Vegas NV, Phoenix AZ, Portland OR, Devner CO, San Francisco CA, Salt Lake City UT, and El Paso, TX.


Its rather cavernous trunk has hauled rocks, bricks, fencing, various tools and car parts, and it’s been stuffed to the seals with random junk.



It’s also been stuffed full of sappy pine cones from the Sequoia National Forest in California.


My ownership experience has been great even though I’ve done more maintenance than would be expected of a Honda. A perk from all of that is now it feels like it’s prepared to take on the next 350,000miles! It’s a challenge I’m prepared and excited to go for. The motor, transmission, exhaust, clutch and major suspension components are all still original to the car, and I don’t see myself touching those for a long time. The daily driving experience is relaxing, yet engaging. A rare quality found even in newer vehicles.

In acknowledgment of the anniversary day, I took the Accord back to the dealer I originally bought it from and parked in the same spot where I first took photos of it. You know how I love doing those before and after shots!









I’m looking forward to continue putting on the miles and experience many more adventures. Hope you continue to come along!IMG_4528

2 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary

  1. Jason, happy anniversary to you and the Accord! I love all the details about what your year of ownership has entailed. Wow, 35k miles – impressive! If you continue at that rate, you’ll be at 200,000 miles in < 2 years. Can't wait to be there when it happens. Great job on snagging the before-after pictures in the same parking space at the dealership. I did a similar thing with my coupe years ago, with a picture in the driveway in San Jose, CA where I took delivery in 2003. Nice job hauling that wire fencing. Glad you're not afraid to use the car. It looks 100x better now than it did when you bought it. Can't wait to see what the next year will bring.

    • Tyson, thanks and yes it’s been a great year. I’ve done more with and to the Accord this past year than I had to my RSX in 7 years! Strange how that worked out. Yup, not afraid to use my car. Yesterday, I carried about 200lbs of QuickCrete in the trunk. lol Like you though, I make sure to clean it up afterwards to keep it looking as crisp as I can. Maybe we should schedule some grand drive for when I’m about to hit the 200K mark. That would be awesome!

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