Subtle Upgrades

Well, summer is sadly over and I haven’t been traveling as much and therefore, not too much to report. However, I’d like to share some of the progress that’s been going on with the Accord. Last week, I installed some 06-07 Accord coupe skirts, finally! This has been the plan for a while now, but I couldn’t find these parts in any local junkyards to snatch and repaint for cheap. So, I bit the bullet and bought some new one’s from Honda. As always, they came shipped in a sturdy box with the Honda logo proudly stamped on the corners.


They were really well wrapped. Nothing quite beats opening up new OEM parts which are pretty much guaranteed to fit perfect the first time.


And so the removal of the old rocker panels took place. Here’s a comparison of the updated panels verses the old 04-05 style. The clips all were in the same locations. It was a direct swap which didn’t even break a sweat.


Here’s the comparison. I love the subtle change!




The skirts came painted from the factory in Alabaster Silver Metallic. Since these were a part from 2006-2007, there was no option to have them painted in the Satin Silver Metallic I have. That color was discontinued in 2005. Thankfully, it is very hard to spot the difference.

Here I gave the Accord and my roomate’s newly purchased Ocean Grey Metallic Nissan Altima Coupe 2.5S both washes.


I have to admit, if I were more in a Nissan frame of mind, I would seriously consider the Altima coupe V6 to own. It’s certainly a sharp looking car.




Here’s some front end shots…





All was well with the cars until the next day when I hopped in the Accord to go to work and I discovered the blower motor wasn’t working at all. The HVAC display would still work and the fan would respond to my inputs digitally, but I didn’t feel any air coming through the vents. This was the pesky little blower motor resister that had failed on me. The first official failed part on the Accord under my ownership. Being in Las Cruces with temps still in the high 90s, I wanted to get this fixed pronto. I ordered a new resister from Honda and it arrived within 2 days.


Amazing to think this tiny little thing is all I needed to enjoy some cool A/C again. Installation was simple and didn’t take too long.


I was thankful this was a simple fix. I’m now back on the road and I’m happy to report that she’s running a full 10 out of 10! 140,000 mile mark is fast approaching.

2 thoughts on “Subtle Upgrades

  1. Jason, glad the A/C fix was something simple! Wow, those driveway pics turned out awesome. Nice job on the install of the side skirts – they are a really nice upgrade. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store next.

    • Thanks, Tyson. I’m glad the A/C was simple too. I was hoping to get some nicer pix, but the sun was setting and I had to scramble to park the cars just so.

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