Bye-bye, Accord

Well folks, I have officially done it! The Accord has been posted and sold as of last Monday. I was quite sad to see it go. However, that means I can get down to real business and search for that perfect replacement. I’ve been wanting to get into something with 4-doors and a more upscale feel for a while now. Don’t get me wrong, the Accord had plenty of luxury touches enough to satisfy the needs of most. However, I’m hard to please in the automotive world. I’ll be sharing my test drive experiences and what models I’ve been looking at later on. I’m excited for what’s to come, and I look forward to sharing that with you as well as the future travels. Meanwhile, here’s some of the last photos I took of the Accord:



IMG_0302 (1)

IMG_0330 (1)


And as of October 21st, 2013, I performed the official key handoff to the new owner, Jason (same as my name). He was excited to get behind the wheel of his first V6 6-speed. I hope he enjoys the Accord as much as I did! Big thanks to all who have shared the experiences of the Accord with me.


So what’s next? Well thanks to my grandpa, I am able to borrow the old 1995 Nissan Pathfinder SE while I search for my next ride. He says I can use it was long as I need. Thanks Grandpa!


However, I couldn’t just hop in and start driving down the road. The upper coolant hose had to be replaced for it was about ready to burst. It was discovered about three months ago, and then it hadn’t been driven since.


Since the hose was about 18 years old, I guess it’s allowed to retire.


New curved hose ready to go in!


Old hose off…here’s a close up that shows the state of the old hose.


Only 5mins of labor and it’s in and ready to roll.


As mentioned before, the Pathfinder hadn’t been started for a long while. When my grandpa discovered the leaky hose, he parked it and didn’t see a point in trying to fix it then since he was about to leave on a lengthy trip to Arkansas. So, after the new hose was put in, it was time to crank her up for the first time in three months. At this time, it was about 28˙F so this was a good example of a cold, dry start. Let’s see what she’ll do.


She’s alive! As can be seen here, the tachometer doesn’t work. That’s next on my list of things to tinker with.

It hasn’t been driven much since my last feature back in March. Only 376 miles!


Good to be back on the road again.


On my way back to Las Cruces, I stopped along the Rio Grande River outside of Belen NM to catch some nice fall colors.



Not really a challenging offroad course, but it was fun nevertheless.



Until next time…

1 thought on “Bye-bye, Accord

  1. Back on the road in the Path! Good job on getting some of that maintenance done to it. Probably good that you’re cycling the fuel through since the vehicle has been sitting for so long. Great fall colors pics! My dad commuted in a Pathfinder like that for awhile – odometer said 240k and the odometer hadn’t been working for many years. Those things can go forever. Looking forward to seeing the Accord’s successor, when the right car comes along!

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