Meet the new member of the family!

As much as I love cars and getting behind the wheel of different models, I’ve started to grow tired of shopping for that “right” car. This has been going on now for a few months. Here was the goal: I wanted to get into an upscale sedan with sporting potential. The offerings in my price range were quite nice, however I’m down right picky and I ended up choosing a car that would prove to be a little difficult to find. So what did I choose? Read on.

There are many great offerings out there in the upscale sedan category. Here are a few I was able to try out and my thoughts:

2006 Audi A4 Quattro – Superb balance between sport and comfort ride quality and a lot of features for the money. The particular example I drove had just over 100,000 miles and it still felt solid. Gripes: the turbocharged 4-cylinder was a little gruff and had quite a bit of turbo-lag. Also, I ultimately wanted to stay away from anything German. I drove this example just to see how it felt. As much as I love the engineering and build quality German autos provide, I can’t fathom the repair costs and potential spotty reliably.

2008 Acura TL Type-S – Hugely a favorite of mine for the longest time and this one is actually the reason I decided to make the move to a upscale sport sedan. This car had a lot of great qualities and out performed the others listed here in many areas. I was pretty much set on getting this as the Accord replacement. However, there was one characteristic of this car that changed my mind when I drove it for the first time. This chassis with the RL’s 286HP 3.5L V6 made for appalling torque steer and a general “squirmy-feeling” front end. I can’t blame it with the front drive format, however it wasn’t for me.

2010 Infinit G37 Sedan – This thing was a beast! The 3.7L V6 was very muscular and probably one of the quickest cars I’ve ever driven. The suspension and handling were great and the rear-wheel-drive chassis sure felt nice after being in front-drive configurations for so long. The styling was actually very elegant and looked much better in person than in photos. However, the car overall felt like it was a little rough around the edges in terms of build quality and refinement. The V6 constantly groaned and growled, and the interior, while tastefully designed, had some questionable plastics and fitment issues. Some panels and trim pieces seemed like they were assembled with flimsy clips and a prayer. I see these are small little, nit-pikcy things. However, two big things were deciding factors for making this a NO-GO. The seats were hard and uncomfortable (for my stature at least) and the manual gearbox and clutch were downright impossible to shift smoothly. Also, many hours pouring over the forums reveiled that many owners complained about pre-mature clutch and transmission failures on these.

The Final Choice:

So what did I get? Well, I knew I wanted a manual with a V6 and based on reviews and my own experience behind the wheel, something from the Honda/Acura brand would be the best choice. So here she is: my very own fourth generation 2010 Acura TL SH-AWD 6-speed!





I am ecstatic to share my experiences and travels with this new member of the family. More is to come of how I acquired this new ride.

4 thoughts on “Meet the new member of the family!

  1. Jason, based on my (somewhat limited) experiences with each of the cars you test-drove, I can echo your comments. I 100% support your decision to go with the TL. It will afford you the performance, reliability, and fun-to-drive enjoyment that you’re after. Glad we were able to meet up for a few minutes as you made your way to Las Cruces from Los Angeles in your new black beauty. Congratulations!

    • Thanks, Tyson. I’m very happy with the decision to go TL. It was great meeting up briefly and I do look forward to stretching out the TL’s legs for our next drive!

    • Thanks, Ross. I’ll be gathering and posting more and more content as we go along. Looking forward to sharing the adventures with you all!

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