The 6 is Back!

As you gathered from the title, the 6 is repaired and back on the road! Only a few days before Christmas, I got a call from Borman Autoplex Body Shop informing me that the car was ready to be picked up. It was certainly an early Christmas present to me. They only had to replace the aforementioned rear upper control arm and give it an alignment. To my amazement, the shop foreman told me that the front wasn’t misaligned one bit despite the curb impact. Here she is ready to be driven home.


Looking at the repaired area. They rubbed off the scrapes on the wheel to inspect for structural damage. None was there, thankfully.


Suspension is sitting as it should now.



The next day, I was able to look it over more closely.


The impound info from the first tow (the night of the accident).


I informed Borman to not worry about the light body damage. With some polish, my rotary buffer and a bit of muscle, I’m sure I can get 90% of this off.




I am quite ashamed that I haven’t had the time nor has the weather been cooperative to do anything cosmetic to the 6. The paint has been awaiting a good detail, the headlights are still in a foggy state and the few dents I have stare at me everytime I walk to my car. I’m anxious to get it all polished up. Until then though, I did the unthinkable and ran it through an auto car wash. I had been getting over a cold and exposing myself to the elements with chilled water didn’t seem that smart. So, drive thru car wash it is!


I would NEVER do this if I had the paint swirl free, but at this point it really didn’t matter.


And what did I do next? Hit the road to something musical! Stay tuned for my post Christmas trip.


2 thoughts on “The 6 is Back!

  1. Glad the 6 is back on the road and racking up the miles! The fact that it required so little to fix is a testament to the durability of that suspension. Happy New Year!

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