2016 Alaska Drive Day 1-2: Butte, MT

Total Trip Miles: 1,586

We are officially in day 2 of the journey to Alaska. I am ecstatic. The roads, weather, company all made for a great drive so far. From my home in Las Cruces, I have traveled a total distance of 1,504 miles. Yesterday was spent covering 600+ miles to St. George, Utah where I met up with my fellow comrade for the remainder of the trip, Tyson. Much of the way was business as usual: Traveling through northwestern New Mexico and deep into the Navajo reservation which continues into northeast Arizona. Check out that landscape!


Despite extreme winds, the drive was enjoyable. Tyson and I both arrived fairly late in St.George where we spent the night at his Mom and Stepdad’s place which was very comfortable as usual. Today was another 700+ miles to add and we traveled through some very scenic areas of west Utah, Idaho and Montana. We also broke up the drove and visited some friends along the way: Jeremy in Salt Lake City, Ryan in Malad City, ID and Nate in Pocatello, ID. Tonight we are in Butte, MT ensconced in a pretty comfortable Motel 6. Catch some of the photos below for a hint of what we’ve been up to:

Here’s my secret little mount for the old school GPS that has kept me out of trouble when those cell services drop.


Following Tyson in Salt Lake City on our way to visit Jeremy.


Lunch at Jeremy’s house.


Idaho state line!


The views just kept getting better as we traveled north.


Snack stop to visit with Ryan in the small town of Malad City, ID.


Last visit for the day, Nate who is an avid blog follower. Thanks for the support, Nate!


Montana state line. It was around 45 degrees (Fahrenheit) with a moderate wind…quite chilly!


Quick photo at the “Calf-A” in Dell, MT.


Tomorrow we will officially leave the U.S. and cross into Alberta, Canada. I’ll definitely make sure the camera is good and charged. Thanks for riding along. I’ll have more to come!


4 thoughts on “2016 Alaska Drive Day 1-2: Butte, MT

  1. Hey! I see you got the wifi working. Lol. This Sparky’s place is cool. Garage themed as you would guess. But the kitchen closed so I’m just grabbing a beverage. Loving this trip!

    • Was great to meet you too, Nate. Poky certainly looked like a place that needed some exploring so you can bet we will be by again!

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