2016 Alaska Drive Day 4: Pink Mountain, British Columbia

Day Miles: 499 |  Total Trip Miles: 2,743


Ahhh…feels good to kick off those shoes and settle in for the evening. We called it a day in Pink Mountain, British Columbia around 7pm. This is just off the official Alaska Highway! The days are getting longer as we ascend north, and the sun is still quite high up in the sky even at 7pm. Feels odd, and I bet it will be a challenge to fall asleep at a decent hour. Pink Mountain is a unincorporated area with about 100 people. The lodge and a gas station are about all you’ll find here.

Our day began leaving Edmonton, AB (Alberta) with a quick meet up with Chris Tobias from AcuraConnected.com. Nice guy, and the discussions between him and Tyson reminded me that I miss the enthusiast communities I used to be in…Acura, BMW, even Nissan. Mazda’s has yet to grow a bit, but it hasn’t been a disappointing owner’s experience at all.


The rain was still going with a chilly breeze that felt like it blew right through our thin jackets. Tyson and I left Edmonton with every heated option turned on in our cars.

Happily, (rejoice!) the rain and drab skies cleared as we headed west on 43 towards British Columbia.


The cleared weather really made for an enjoyable drive. I managed to find a packet of baby carrots in my snack bag that I had forgotten about. I was popping these like candy the whole day.


We made a lunch stop in Grande Prairie, AB at a popular Canadian chain, Tim Horton’s. From there, we saw the first signs leading us in the direction of Alaska. What an exciting feeling it was. The rest of the photos show the rest of the day.


Entering British Columbia!


Many warnings are posted for moose crossings. This particular reflective yellow silhouette stood out to me.


Just past the town of Dawson Creek is the official start of the Alaska Highway! This highway will lead us to Fairbanks, AK (our end destination).


A few photos at Gundy Road pullout


And the Buffalo Lodge for the night.


So, how’s the 6 doing?

So far, the 6 has been an absolute peach on this trip. The best recorded mileage to date was 33 mpg which I believe involved a heavy tail wind. The ride and general comfort are surprisingly accommodating for these long jaunts. I am amazed that the stock steering and suspension components (nearly all original) is giving a wobble-free ride with clean, straight tracking.

Only two little issues: A persistent oil leak causes me to add about a quart of oil every 1,500 miles. Not a big deal, but it is something I have to keep tabs on (hence why I made sure to pack two 5qt jugs of oil). Last little issue was a burned out passenger light which ended up being a melted ground wire. I performed a little splicing and electrical tape patching which should do the job at least until I get back home. Tires all have even pressure and wear. So, we are all fixed up and read for action tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “2016 Alaska Drive Day 4: Pink Mountain, British Columbia

  1. That Mazda is in great shape. I am following the Alaska adventure on both your blog and Tyson’s blog at Drivetofive. Keep on trucking. 😀

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