2016 Alaska Drive Day 5: Teslin, Yukon

Day Miles: 617 |  Total Trip Miles: 3,354

Hello from the Yukon Territory!


Today was filled with adrenaline…but in a good way. Our route along the Alaska highway took us through some really technical twists and turns that brought big smiles to our faces. The scenery kept getting more and more impressive as our route took us through some of British Columbia’s gorgeous mountain ranges. Words and photos can’t begin to truly describe how beautiful the experience was. We stayed on the Alaska Highway for the entire day and only saw rain a few times here and there.

We left our digs in Pink Mountain early enough to catch the morning dew on our cars before the sun burned it off. After a while on the road, we got our first wildlife sighting…a black bear. After that, we spotted several buffalo and more bears grazing by the road. We also witnessed some forest fire remains which looked fairly fresh.

Tonight we are staying in a nice little cabin-like lodge in the little town of Teslin, Yukon. I am quite pooped, so I’m going to make this post brief. Tomorrow, we just might make Alaska, so don’t miss out!

Driving down Hwy 97


Gas and windshield wash stop at Fort Nelson.


A few road construction stretches never hurt anybody.


Wildlife sighting!


Photos of some of the Rockies we saw today (I’ll let the photos do the talking):



Luncheon at the Northern Rockies Lodge


6 hit 195,000 miles today.


A stop in Watson Lake meant looking at the Sign Post Forest where visitors can add their own signs to the existing 100,000…that’s just what we did!


I added a New Mexico “MAZDA” plate.


And Tyson added an Acura of Tempe plate.


On the road again tomorrow and we will be heading towards these…stay tuned!



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