2016 Alaska Drive Day 6: Fairbanks, AK

Day Miles: 701  |  Total Trip Miles: 4,055


We made it! It’s been a long time coming and I’m still pinching myself to make sure this isn’t a dream…we are in Fairbanks, Alaska. Getting here was quite a drive full of (more) beautiful scenery, frost heaved lumpy roads and mud. So much to share, so let’s get to it:

We left Teslin, Yukon fully rested from the comfortable accommodations. It was already raining by the time we left, and it continued to do so for the majority of the morning. Tyson and I just flipped on the wipers, cranked up the tunes and cruised on. We both were determined to get to the Alaska border sooner than later so there was no time to waste. After a pit stop in Whitehorse, YT for gas, the scenery became awe-inspiring. The drive on Hwy 1 took us by the edge of Kluane Lake National Park, and this is where the good stuff started. Massive snow-capped mountains surrounded a gorgeous lake with roaring waves crashing on the shores.


Further up the road, the sun came out to play, and this made for some good photos:



It wasn’t much later that we made it to the Alaska state line. I thanked the 6 with a solid few whacks on the roof for being such a noble steed. The ILX got its praise too for the flawless service. praise with excitement, we soldiered on to Tok, AK where we had a scrumptious lunch at a place called Fast Eddy’s. That fueled us well enough to drive the additional 200 miles to Fairbanks where we are for the night. Our schedule from here on is very flexible, and some planning will be in play. Until then, look for more Alaska fun in the next few days…

6 is getting her good dose of grime.


Quick roadside photo op.


Dirt road section where we got to splash through mud puddles like crazy!


My first grizzly bear sighting.


Lots of road construction today.


Let me in! U.S. Customs…got the passport ready!


Lunch at Fast Eddy’s in Tok, AK


Alaska Highway/Fairbanks sign


Side profile pic while waiting for the pilot car to guide us through construction.


The official end of the Alaska Highway in Delta Junction, AK.


There was also a weathered wooden sign describing the history of the highway:

This highway was constructed during World War II as a military supply route for interior Alaska Military and Airfields in 1942.  7 Army regiments and 42 contractors and public roads administrators working from Delta Junction South and Dawson Creek North completed it when they met at Soldiers’ Summit at Kluane Lake, Yukon Territory in November 1942.  At the peak of construction, 77 contractors employed 15,000 men and 11,000 pieces of road-building equipment.  The total construction cost for 1,422 miles was $115,000,000.

A stop at North Pole (No, I’m not pulling your leg here!) to visit Santa’s house.


Checking in our Super 8 Motel room. It’s about 8:30pm here and look how much light there still is! Sunset is supposed to happen at 11:30pm according to my weather app. Sometime in late June there will be a 24 hour period of full sun. How crazy is that?


That about covers it all. Thanks again for riding along!

4 thoughts on “2016 Alaska Drive Day 6: Fairbanks, AK

  1. Hello! I’ve been monitoring the Alaska adventure on Tyson’s blog, and it’s very cool to see that you’re blogging as well. It can be hard to capture the scope of epic scenery, but your photography is doing it. I’ll keep following this trip and living vicariously through your great journalism. Safe travels!

    • Thanks for keeping up with us, Brad! Yes, it is quite difficult to capture the scenery, but at least photos are better than what I can put down as words. Glad my ramblings haven’t bored you. More content is definitely on its way!

  2. I’m still laughing at the celebratory “whacks” on the roof of the 6 to thank it for getting you safe and sound. That car has performed amazingly for 195,000+ miles! I can’t believe we’re here!

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