Took my Accord to a PDR (paintless dent removal) specialist to have a couple of large dents taken out of the passenger rear quarter panel. These guys perform magic sometimes.





Restoring the details…

I didn’t hesitate one bit the minute I drove it home. I got to work on fixing some of the details on the exterior. The trim on Accord coupes consists of a glossy black vinyl which covers a chrome trim. They tend to peel after a while in the heat and this one certainly showed.


I began by heating the remaining vinyl and taking it completely off.


Then I sanded it down and taped it up in preparation for painting…


I used a basic automotive primer and then top coated with an automotive black.


Then I tackled the cowl panel which was faded like crazy and very dirty. Looks like it hasn’t been wiped down since it was new. I cleaned it thoroughly and then dressed it in Forever Black. I also used rubbing compound to get some of the gloss back in the wiper arms. I then followed up with a polish and then a nice coat of wax. Slowly but surely…